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About Us

Gallatin Timberwrights is a dedicated and experienced team of artisans who specialize in traditional style structural log and timber framing with an equal emphasis on form and function. We also provide wood products, design, engineering, and architectural consultation services throughout the intermountain West. We employ 8-10 people on a year round basis (except during hunting season and powder days). Five of us have families to support and most of our employees have worked together with us for over five years. We are realizing the dream of being in one of the best places in the country to do the kind of work that we love and are trained to do.


Our first identity is to be craftsmen; we are not stick framers, trim carpenters, computer experts, or management gurus. Everybody at our company is skilled with their hands. We do not have any desk jockeys employed at our shop. We feel strongly about our connection to tradition and strive to include this sensibility in all our projects. This is not merely ritual or pageantry it is part of the essence of who we are. We carry a sense of responsibility to those who have gone before us. We do not want to let our predecessors down with shoddy craftsmanship or taint the historic heritage of the art that is timber framing.


We make the most detailed and specific demands upon our employees in terms of precise standards. Yet, of all the building trades, our industry probably has the greatest tolerance for outside the box thinkers and mavericks. In other industries if you do not fit the usual pattern, you rarely succeed. You punch all the right tickets and you move on up. As timber framers you are most likely to find that the people who succeed do not fit into the usual societal pattern. This also means that we are an institution where people are judged on their performance and not their opinion.


Unlike other building trades we are not tied down to fixed techniques and doctrines. We are more flexible and adaptable; concepts based rather than doctrine based. We really believe that that if we educate and train our employees to take charge and give them broad conceptual guidelines, but don't bind them to these as doctrinal necessity, they will do a better job.


We are, by nature, able to approach each project in an expeditionary way. This means our organizational structure, skilled employees and specialized equipment allow us to take on each project as a unique piece of art and complete it in a timely and cost effective manner. We are the client's budgets friend. We are lean, slim, we're streamlined. Adaptability to the constant fluctuation of variables in construction is paramount to the creation of high quality custom projects that will retain their function and appeal long after the builders are gone. It's a mind set about being flexible, making do with what we have or succeeding without. Our projects are as varied as our clientele. Each is treated with respect and attention to detail from start to finish.


Welcome to the world of Gallatin Timberwrights


PO Box 584 | Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730 ph: 406.219.4053 | fax: 406.763.4819